the water well (el pozo)

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Every day since twenty five year ago , Filomeno (FIL) weak-up from the bed thinking that “today is good day… some one will pickup phone then will asking for one plastic water cistern full of my water-well water my oldman heritage at my own, and now if some one demand one service, i should start my old pump water and carried them 30miles into the “maleza” With my old chevrolet with two pens and worn out old tires, … i have to fill a gas tank before… damn.. and worst the gas station just give reduced galons for each expensive galon, they call that milk the cow and every day most expensive”. I almost start to buy a galon with “HUACHICOL MARKET”, less expensive if i wan to ride my old truck.

An since 90 day ago, today what the exception, seven after midnigh and night, nothing happen , so long day… nothing ringing, not any call, nothing , but FIll just have one think,… maybe tomorrow , i m sure.