Speaking authentic Spanish as Mexicano as a Pro

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This is my free aportation to the World with this course, then it is for you, you Wide world Citizen from all the Globe, not necessary only from English native language, also for any kind of non-Spanish parlant, whos like to “LEARN AUTHENTIC ESPAÑOL MEXICANO”, as common use today with a small spice, of high tips for Top Level Business Interaction, and full explanation where and when you can apply my Course on your dairy Life Interaction with another Mexicanos.

I hope that my small free course give to you that impulse to learn more, and more and accomplish your vocabulary in caso you have some knowledge about or maybe you ‘re trying to dominate my complex mother language (the must enriched linguistics sophisticate structure always) plenty of top cultural topics and special references for you own benefits… on return i will appreciate from you, your feed back here in this portal, and your honest recommendation for another peoples around the globe searching my expert and hight Spanish Mother Language dominations and like to hire my services.. but first the fish, now.. les get in business!!!

Sergio Romo (sergio Po nickname )

When i heard some one foreign from my mother language saying that :”No habla español..”… me and my self inside intermediately click on and felt my hears exploiting inside, ‘cause about that Hugh mistake, always used by common error made each time foreign people does when try to communicate Spanish handle level, and worse, denote a low-professional (minuscule ) knowledge about it.

Maybe if you’are on Cancún or any fancy Beach around my Contry or any small town just as “turist temporal pass” that not means any differences around the “Loco Local services men and wimen who trying to sell you any: a trip, a time share, one banana-jump or any kind…

Maybe this is on consequence of deeply domination of Mexican workers years and years before (gardeners, plomers, etc) coming in direct from Oaxaca, Puebla, and North of Mexico who don’t have formal education in Spanish or just precary scholarship formation (… on this i profit to remark and resolve the universal misterio of Real Independence day celebration ; it is September 15 it is the REAL and it is not May 5 as a big portion of USA population mark, i call this the “paisano revanch ” from some guys from Puebla Mexico maybe looking to have the day-off … or any thing else.

And maybe you will never note the real aspect about your bad Spanish interaction; let me tell you the true about this course: i m in the professional proposal trying to share the BEST ON THE BEST about speaking, learning and communicate your own in SPANISH as MEXICANO with level PROFESSIONAL interacting and making loyalty approach with “troupe” in case you are “the boss” of blue workers, gardener workers, furnyrship worker or just as friendly relaxation with some Mexican pals when you will denote Top Level Interaction.

I can asure you after that short curse you will never fell the same your self and maybe you will like to learn and make a deeply professional reseach to read, think and express your main in ESPAÑOL.

Let me be straight about serious sense about Learn to Speak Professional Spanish as right form:

1.- As you know, as even every ware there are lots of Spanish intonation styles but the main and must educate come from the Central-meadly North of Mexico , and even as anothers countries, the exception exist and that is it locate inside the low part of Mexico Town City, where involve Hugh Population over loaded of “Chilangos” (the friendly way to name those habitant of Central Mexico City and periphery but , on this is importar be carefuly about the abuse using this MOD-term, and try not tu abuse on the use of that term: maybe it is the same seance about when the use of “negro” word, when you are not “black natural borned” or you dont have full friendship.. if you know what i mean, and the term “Chilango” probably come from the “eater of Chilli region..” because every ware and full day you spend eating Chilli almost for all and a difference from foreign countries in México we have the habit to take more than 3 times to formal feeding : strong breakfast, heavy middle day feed almost in family of good friends and the dinner, as common not than heavy but in celebration days it is topical to take heavy dinner or maybe it you are on the street on nightly funny and relaxation, AFTER some good drinking beverage and full of funny you have to Close that night fest taking “TACOS AL PASTOR” means some siles of pork-“enchilado” (chilli again) fried slowly inside a “trompo” means biger appellate pork meal prepare with special spices and crowled with a big portion of pinaple on the top as a ” Piña flavor” as extra spacy ingredient, yummy…) , but diferent for some zones like Netza and Ixtapalapa (popular poberty population on the periphery of Mexico City and periphery at the Ouest zones) inside regions where by exception that Spanish intonation is named “CANTADITO” (singsong style) just used for the low-economic-educative population , it is important to remark that kind of “cantadito” style is just used today for more than ten millions of that population then maybe in the future will have to consider some special study about that. ) is the Top Right Mexico Spanish Region where your interaction with good sense in Spanish speaking have to be in one sense: RIGHT.

Of course, as on every coin of world, you can adopt any does you like is better for you, but inside this topic, we will center owr attention in the explanation and learning the REAL EXECUTIVE SPANISH and SUCCESS intonation, just that REAL MEXICO CEOS USE IT every day and make yourself trait like a gig ant in business negotiations and that is my target in this quick course, at the end you will answer quick certitude when some one ask you tomorrow after read this article : does you speak Spanish? and your right answer will be:


( that last word add means my cherry in any confirmations don’t forget using strong remark over last “O” word , because in Mexicano that it is the important to use accents gutural and for another side the literal in Spanish language , i know it is hard to undestand in English structure language where exactly use some one to the other).

After that brief clarify, lest go to get on work, i will share with you a main bunch worlds used with real power where having the POTENTIAL TO IMPACT in common Business of Top Level CEO’s or any one who have the real power to take real economical decisions in successful transactions.

first and must powerful word used in common business interaction (maybe the MAIN Mexicana word (exclusive in México) for today :


You will perceive as different in English, in Spanish the use of one phrase had lot of common senses and express lot of your intimate field.

common applications:

1.- Me lleva la chingada / Oh que la chingada :

( two worlds, no literal English traslation but used lot of common Mexico Business Negotiations).

Two scenarios to use it: first

just used in business common interaction as private or intimate reflection, when you like to express nonconformism or inquietude about the negotiation or direction results but that not reflect anxiety. Use it as an “own inside reflection, but i will like to share with you because you are part of my team”.

Using this like that, you will note as result the effectiveness sense whit successful possible celebrate for every one around you and appreciate your intimate thought.

second way:

Use only if in case you will like to finish sharp one interaction and not like to hear any more.

2.- Está de la chingada :

sensation of some thing or climate is bad but high chance of getting worse.

Than means a “fast diagnostic” of business result sensation, that express you will use only with must close partners involved in that business process.

Another applications: when you like to express an opinion about some around: the food taste, the art qualifications, the weather sensation , etc.

variants applications:

2.1 Estuvo de la Chingada : same of anterior but in past sentence.

2.2 Me vi de la chingada: means: I saw myself worst.

2.3 Me trató de la Chingada : means: some one make me feel worse (refereeing of some other person).

Qué su chingada madre: mmm..several aseverations when you use that but maybe the must direct translations is this: fuck mother fuck off…that is, not exactly direct aseveration for some one or any one.

Nos fue de la chingada: the result for recent action was bad not positive (speaking about business result).

those are the main ascertation but there exist lots of time-conjugations about it.

3.- que chingón !

noted that same derivative from CHINGADA word, with multiple connotations use like this:

variants applications:

3.1 Se ve chingón ! (looks well, acceptable)

3.2 Está chingón (that is good refering to a some thing (s) or some feel result)

3.3 Chingón chingón… (nothing else to say.. it is perfect, but it is not necesaly make a festing ).

3.4 Qué chingón ! (some look super!.. just an impersonal expresion about some result feel or some experience result).

As you can perceive, this first lesson involve real common MEXICANO WORLD AS A PRO it is a main key to init good approach to any top executive negotiation level.

Just let me finish this with one recommendation: it is important to use that with a tone voice reflection TRUE, that means you have to reflect TRULY SENSATION IN ANY CASE USE ,some coming from your SOULD applying in your ton voice..how you can learn that ?

My only advice: with practice, practice and practice in from of an another real central town Mexicano, that means some one like me.

In case you will like to hire my particular Chat Lessons to hear and practice you intonation or perfection your Spanish today, please send me a direct email.

I will continue writing this Spanish Manual for Pro enriching and explaining the today must particular Spanish expression where not an academic Langue or institution know; this is just exclusive for the Native people borned in Central Mexico but potentially effective for Business success.


Right use of Adjectives:

The right use of Adjective “A” and “LA CHINGADA” Mod in many senses:


A CHINGA“… : means quick result of suprise if you are in situation when you discover some, or any persona is talking or reporting some of recent activity…


HA CHINGÁ CHINGÁ–“: means a dubt or disqualification of some recent event or some recent action from some one you dont beilived on easy way

The right use of Adjective “E, O, U (i use to the end an H but in Spanish it is mute and only applying to remark absolute song of first word)” in many senses:

“EH, CHINGÁ” : means an authority demand of direct and fast own attention

“OH CHINGÁ” : means “dont continue fucking me with same (thing)(actitud)

“UH QUE LA CHINGADA” ; means and ending conclusion for some event (involving a recent action) and you are just an expectant hearing the history

ME LLEVA LA CHINGADA“: means a personal humor sense after some not than recent event but not to far, you can applying in events where it is involve some subordinates for you and they given to you a bad answer or they dont understood your recent instructions / directions.

Those all seams involve full apply to the use of “CHINGADA” world the MOST WORLD USE EVERY DAY EVERY TIME IN SOLID VERBAL AND FRIENDSHIP BUSINESS INTERATION BETWEEN MEXICANOS; then if there are any others i missed please let me know i can accept any suggest , but in conclusion, my suggest for you is: after understand, memorize and practices using all each one on right situations, you will be ready to handle a real and serious interaction with some one in Top Bussiness with strong Spanish authority and respectable sensation (the Macho Man attitude who distinguish us Mexicanos from another culture).

After read and if you have chance to put in practices, and the result was it for you a real help. write me here a note here and to the end adjoin as good sense:

“ESTUVO CHINGON TU CURSO, QUIERO MAS” ( direct translation: was amazing your article man, please let me know more in the future, congratulation man, regards).

Or, maybe that dislake and offense your sensibility , who knows,or produce any anti-somatic sensation, please “don’t do ‘ain” ; just don’t wast your finger writing dislikes shit or injuries , all them will be erase as soon by me.

sa ‘ya on the next topics, stay in touch loved reader.

Special Notation:

There are 93,000 words in the Spanish dictionary and maybe more, then we will go to the next 92,999, easy right ?

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