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The Art of self negotiation, the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program) science apply to yourself and your every day regular job and common life activities they will give to you the potential and successful success in your life.

by Sergio Romo (MBA branch)

Some one day one “SABIO (brained man) “( i don’t remember who said it) said : if you share some of your knowledge and expertise of humanity not mater who and when, that action will make yourself transcendence in this life it was worth it.

maybe it is right. we will see.

(this is my first experiment recording my voice in this way then i will try to express cleary who m i, where i comme from and how the deeply english communications play good things into myself spirit.)

But let me explain from the beginner why i decide to be an MBA and Computer Engineer both one after other around same process before all them.

Early into my younger years i had urgency needs to be financially independent and successful: after several years of hard work i m ready to confirm that: u tough it s worse all effort and that is it i m ready to share here.

i had grouth up into a small enterprise family business not that easy process because where they (my parents) started that project the had minus cero business expertice and just after hard work and to many years depassing enclosed every days into my young life style breathing, eating, playing, dreanming just around that particular place, pleanty of dust, noise from engine-cars garages and stores suppliers opened since seven am until height pm after day every days including weekends days, fest days and always i tough that similiar situation was for all others Latino young guys of my age, around this global world… on that situations there is not exist the “relaxation time near cero time of relaxation or vacations” for a long time; after every long days inside scholarship schedule, i had to spend every after-school activity since my early young years in the front of “mostrador (sales-desk store) ” breathing every swede from aged employees (they are the blue workers) : mechanic mens and services workers customers.

That kind of “regular” experiences (just my teenager part of life i have to trespasser and toke the best part from that situation) was the CLUE to turn all my future into one project: to be a PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATOR of my Own Company.

And that is it: not mater any circumstance during these process made me change my target: a BUSINESS ENTREPRENEUR. By my own Formal Company after my first year of University Degree i had created 10 Job work positions for a bunch of Employees during 10 years, also another bunch of colateral fix external services for accouters, layers, publish companies and ALL THE WITHOUT ANY EXTERNAL FINANCIAL.

Obviously that kind of early activity does not limit my HUNGRY to Learn more and more (my naturaly own) any about every side of the human side and human business relationship tricks, understand the main FACT: To be successful in the future you must have to SUBMIT AND adjoin lot of SPECIALS SKILLS AT YOUR OWN.

Today it is not enough just to finish a Bachelor University career, or finish many post studies around same topic, because you will failt under the risk to be OVER QUALIFY.

It is good know around Prestigious Human resources department of companies hires , some one candidate with lots of specialization WITHOUT ANY OTHERS COMPLEMENTARY SKILLS OR EXPERTISE have CERO Possibilities to be BE HIRE, in comparative to any other who offer OTHERS PARTICULAR SKILLS not exactly relative but AS COMPLEMENT OF PERSONALITY of every one.

My younger vision (and limitation of information because acording at my “Epoquai”, there is not exist any near to INTERNET , and the only way to learn any more than “mediocre” Spanish science outdated books sources”, no mather to make me fail, “au contrair” make me most perceptive, persuasive and develop in my own these lost spirit of a STRONG HUNTER: reach my target.

This is my self presentation: i m a professional MBA specialized in Computer Programming Certify by a bunch of International Software companies form USA and another Countries durint 14 years each year in active action, borne at Mexico City and living seven years “en la Roma” Town (remember Roma movie a Mexican director recently nominate to Oscar Prices) and after more than 25yrs as professional (and 10yrs at less since my young sixteen years as younger cash-flow cashier in family retail stores) in my must successful business area : as TI Software as Senior Programmer (my last but not les passion) and after i founder two of must successful Mexico Companies Software Manufacture, specialized in Ecommerce Custom Solutions to eCommerce Open Source Stores and Consultor; i had always worked as independent entrepreneur since my earliest years as student ( since my earliest i had the vision to server several jobs (customers) during my bachelor time as student offering my partial time services as cash-flow supervisor, chef of providers payroll administration and negotiation, for a bunch of tinny business owners into the most popular and concurrent market-places in Mexico (Local Small Popular Market in the heard of Mexico City), that kind of activity gave to me my Own Liquid money ( Immediately Cash Flow), also then the Freedom to finance my University studies by my own, and more than this and EVERY DAY REWARDS, means take a substantial and gratify breakfast full week, that means i was working Monday to Sunday just for the pleasure to gain my own money; of course , the period to cover my scholar activity was inside the dinner into (why not) the “VIPS Restaurant” every day during 7 years of my Bachelor scholar days and after that as Independent Professional (VIPS: the most medium class Restaurant Chain in Mexico city specialized in Popular Mexico Business Class Workers must placed around Pink Zone and Downtown Mexico City ). That previous activity make my formation and GLOBAL VISION to visualize my Next step: Become and INDEPENDENT BUSINESSMAN AS COMPANY, first some one as Professional Authority (Business Administrator) then after cover my basic needs (roof and food) , started my second and third professional Software Engineer studies and so long large bounches or investment in my own professional certifications around ECommerce Software Software.

Then that previous, maybe your next question should be: what it is possible ? who in it own deeply conscience are surfing (for a long time) in the “abstract” activity must orient to mathematicians, abstract mains etc.. in appearance out of my own are.. am i right?.. however wrong, and let me explain what are the real reasons and how you can take advantage if you change the way you think now and take the must better about my experiences to your own Advantage, because this is my main propose to share that own experience at this time of my life.

to be continue

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