11-11 Carlos Fuentes

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Today 11-11 i will never less pass this day writing my sublime and Humble Tribute of my must SPANISH Writter Mexicano, never plenty recognized, never loved of the national Intelectual on my “pais”, but as great as serveral International Recognitions during his prolific writter epoque.

Maestro Carlos Fuentes, one of the must great Writter of SPANISH Literature around the world, to me he means today my must FACINATING Great Writter of unique #BOOKs enjoyed since my younger student (social since but not littéraire bach) until now.. Shame the ignorance and sobverve of some political burrrocracy (ant-ing term) and pseudo intellectuals driving our cultural places never gave to him the Real Merith and Real RECOGNITION he deserved only gain for him self.

Only Spain, the Español mother language and short foreign Europe and Asia Countries including Chine has classify this great Writter as a unique over the top Spanish Writers. To me , the must succesful and great hashtag#OUVRE Book (none in my mother Language had place that kind of “Enriches” Litterature Style like him:

#TERRA #NOSTRA, the must complex and high quality an Spanish book and today almost reader just for a short ( a minuscule) bunch of legal fans of the author. Obvious, to read that kind of perfection it is necessary to have real background LITTÉRAIRE about France and Spain Medieval at lest, and another French co-relatives timers, sentence, “vivant la vie litterair”…

(French) Peut etre c’est an Francais que je peux dire plus acertive mes remerciment et constant recognesance á c’est grand Écrivant Mexican, et c’est la merde dans ces cerveaux tous que disant qu’l n’a pas née in Mexique; c’est seulement l’envie et courage des mediocrité qui on dit ca. I’avais née avec a plus Social accommodation, don’t c’est ca son peaucheur?… ma merde efin.

Les grand Roman que je suis plus admire ce son:

Laura Diaz

Terra Nostra

Aura (short tres esquizite)

The Kind is Death… I will never let pass unremarkable this remarkable date 11/11 ,his born-date Tk u master,Ave Cesar.